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​With exclusive access and footage, here is list of projects in development. Funding is required.  Please get in contact for further information including trailers and footage. 

  1. An accidental filmed encounter with a highly unusual phenomena prompts international interest.

  2. Meet the partner of the founder of Telegrass, a portal facilitating pizza style delivery of marijuana in Israel, and hear her shocking story. 

  3. The women who lived with John Lee Hooker explain what it was like.

  4. Famed Jazz singer, Earl Okin, gives vocal trumpet lessons to singer Andrea Black.

  5. UK based Only Fans Model, S., tells us how she makes $30,000 a month.

  6. Former Mayor of London, Ken Livingston, as he talks about anti-semitism, politics and tIsrael and Palestine.

  7. A group of friends visit a famous erotic photographer for the weekend and get involved in a shoot​.

  8. A descendent of a family tells how their relative truly influenced the world of classical music.

  9. A sect from a few 100 years ago raises its head again but in what form?

  10. Layers of past, present and future inflict her as she recovers from trauma in the form of a sleepwalk. Based on Rachel Nagelberg's 'Cover the Earth: Mutations through Los Angeles.

  11. Satan tempts a writer to fame.

  12. As a massive crime occurs outside, those inside the police station hide and indulge themselves in carnal fantasies.

  13. A true life story about an international spy who collects secrets for the British during WWI.

  14. The founder of an Ulpan makes headlines when she adopts ways to create a positive bond between Israelis and Palestinians.

  15. A crime organisation hires a young up and coming architect to build a hotel and when he does all hell breaks loose.

  16. What is BDSM? Today, this has different meanings. Those actors on the inside humourously show and tell thus exposing the multiple layers of complexity of both pain and pleasure in this billion dollar industry.

  17. Poems + abstract stories with black and photos 

  18. Be part of Soho's Rock 'n' Roll cabaret, which has been home to British amateur and semi-professional burlesque dancers since 2020 in London. Take a peek.

  19. True crime in the city of smoke. London's Victorian age attracts the dancers so as the rich are attracted by the dancer's, the dancer's are attracted by wealth. The plot thickens in this story of gore and mayhem.

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