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Hailing from a multicultural background, I make films for artists, charities, musicians, production companies and with sponsors and patrons. My USP is vision and collaboration. I work in multidisciplinary fields ranging from making films to photography, TV research and hosting podcasts.

Somehow known for my quirky and intimate documentary styles, my work has been published and broadcast in newspapers as far afield as Novinky (Czech Republic), Daily Mail (UK), VG (Norway), The Strad, The Jewish Chronicle (UK), in albums (Holly Penfield, Raymond Records), arts and music radio broadcasts (WDR) and broadcast on leading independent streaming and local TV channels such as Tubi (owned by 20th Century Fox), Revry, Allied Vaughn, Hulu, IndiePix, Stash TV, The Community Channel TV (UK selected), Telenorba (Italy), Channel Zero (Canada) in addition to being screened at festivals including the Underdog Film Festival in Germany, SuikerZoet Film Festival in Holland and available at the film library of the Palm Springs International Film Festival in the USA.

A fraction of my documentary, news and photography collection is represented by Bridgeman Images.

I am fluent in English with a good understanding of French. I matriculated with an MA in documentary at Royal Holloway, University of London run by BAFTA award winning director Victoria Mapplebeck and RTS award winning executive producer Helen Littleboy.

For questions or commissions, please get in contact.

All images, sound, video and text on this website is copyright Richard Lipman unless specified. No reproduction without express written permission.

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